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Wrought Iron Industrie, the shop on internet

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Website-Shop for countries English-Speaking

You will find on this website :
more than 1300 articles held in permanent stock

Railing heads and forged spears
Sleeves of bars
Thick forged foliages
Steel rosettes
Hot forged balls
Rolled curls and scrolls
handrails steel and brass
Balusters bent english style
Twisted balls balusters
Post of cast iron staircase
Rosette of steel staircase
Rings for bars
Hammered steel balusters
Crowning of gate
Scrolls leg ends of goose
Ball of slope of staircase
Accessories of handrail
Hinge for gate ans wicket
Ferrules forged
Accessories of gates
Leaves and flowers
Brass trimmings for bars
Kit of gate all widths
Kit of wicket adapted to the gate
Kit of grid of defense
The Catalogues :
Catalogue FFI Fer Forgé Industrie
Pack of Eurofer catalogues
Sales to the private individuals and to the professionnals
FFI Fer forgé Industrie, general Internet access for English-Speaking
Stamped head spears
sleeves in brass
Grid hearth
Decorative mailbox
Ball crystal stair
Lettters and numbers in brass
Roller gates
Chimney's andirons
Hinges to be sealed
Decorative rosette
Claws for lighting
Leaves in iron and brass
Roses assembled
Knobs of staircase in brass
Finial post in tourned steel
Letters and numbers in iron
Victorian knocker in brass
15 models of weather vanes
avoid fire of chimney
Mailbox US
Rosette in brass for gates
Carry coat " parrot"

Les Catalogues :
* Catalogue FFI Fer Forgé Industrie
with details of the articles held in stock

* Pack of the Eurofer catalogues comprenant :
the catalogue "Arte del ferro"
- the catalogue "the Creazioni"
- the catalogue "Novita 2004"
- The quaderni including
    hundreds mountages examples
- the consended catalogue with details of 9300 Eurofer articles
- the CDRom of drawings articles hled in stock

FFI - Fer Forgé Industrie
Sales exclusively.
- on line on internet
- by téléphone
- by fax
Hello !

You are on the website of sales and information of FFI Wrought Iron Industry

This website conceived in English Language is intended for all, private individuals and professionnals.

The prices of our articles are the same ones, some is the country of the world where you reside.

If you reside in the European Union or elsewhere in the world, when you prepare your order and when you indicate your adress, the internal program of this shop automatically calculates the price of the transport (if its necessary), which will be added with the amount of your purchases.

Then, you will be able to validate your order.

Some discount will be granted, according to the amount of your purchases (up to -20%), they will apply automatically when you confirm your order.

The goods dispatched out of European Union are in DDU, and are likely to be subjected to custom charges to the importation in your countries.

If you want to reach the other websites in language French or german click below on the corresponding flag.

Access to our website FFI Wrought Iron Industry in French language     Access to our website FFI Wrought iron Industry in German language

          Download links

  Access to download the catalogues et pricelist, offered without charge  Download catalogues
  Access to download the drawings of the differents models of gates, wickets, grid of defense, fences etc...  Download models

FFI - Fer Forgé Industrie distributes the Eurofer products.

The Eurofer poducts marketed by FFI Wrought iron industry use the composition of a very great number of elements of iron work or out of wrought iron, namely, the gates in ironwork, the gates in wrought iron, the gates forged with the hand, the forged luminaries, the ironwork in kit, the slopes of wrought iron staircase, the grids of defense, the luminaries using elements in ironwork of art, the mixed staircases out of wrought iron and wooden, the staircases using of the elements of ironwork being able to be personnalized by balls of brass staircases, ans them equipped with iron or cast iron balusters.
Grace to the website shop wrought iron industry, you will find here a site of sales of forging pieces, you will be able to make purchases of wrought iron and accessories of ironwork.

ListING by family of the articles marketed by FFI Fer Forgé Industrie.

1- Articles of ironwork out of wrought iron held in permanent stock

Family 110 - Railing heads and hot forged spears, 15 differents models
Family 111 - Trimmings of bar out of wrought iron hot, cutt of steel, cast iron or brass, 23 differents models
Family 112 - Balls of staircase and pommels in forged steel, brass, bronzes polished and cast iron, 17 differents models.
Family 113 - Balls of forging mill, hot forged balls or cut of round or flat, 10 differents models différents.
Family 114 - Circles in flat steel, half C decorative of top of gate or fence, 8 differents models.
Family 115 - Legs of goose or flat smooth hot forged scrolls, crownings of gates, 38 differents models.
Family 116 - Assembled ornemental panels, composed of hot forged assembled scrolls, 6 differents modeles.
Family 117 - Sharpened bars out of hot forged steel, out of 4 sections in a 3 differents lenghts, 12 differents models.
Family 118 - Balusters for staircase out of wrought iron, rights, assembled, forged, twistd or bent, 38 differents models
Family 119 - Pilasters, starting posts of staircases or fences out of forged steel or cast iron, 9 differents models.
Family 120 - Cast iron squares for wrought iron staircases out of english fixing, 3 differents models
Family 121 - Twisted plates, mask sealings, pines cones, handrail in brass or iron, 24 differents models.
Family 122 - Punched bars and perforated bars reinflated out of hot forged steel, 17 differents models.
Family 123 - Stamped steel and cast iron rosettes, 12 differents models.
Family 124 - Clamps and specials profiles out of steel, 6 differents models.
Family 125 - Gates accessories, hides pilasters, hinges, stops, thrusts, plates, 18 differents models
Family 126 - Decoratives foliages, acanthe, wine and bay-tree, hot or cold stamped pressing, 15 differents models.
1- Articles of wrought iron and ironwork Eurofer available under three weeks approximately
Family 01 - Scrolls out of hot wrought iron or curved cold simple or assembled, more than 600 differents models.
Family 02 - Rolled and oval circles, pine cones and balls twisted out of wire, forged snails, more than 300 differents models.
Family 03 - Ornemental panels in wrought iron scrolls, elements decorative of balusters and crowning of gate, more than 130 differents models
Family 04 - Flat or curvers balusters, forged and (or) hammered for wrought iron staircases and windows supports, more than 270 differents models
Family 05 - Balusters out of smooth or twisted iron for staircases in wroght iron and sharpened bars hot-forged, more than 1100 differents models
Family 06 - Iron balusters out of hammered iron (or) twisted for wrought iron staircases, fences and grids decoratives, more than 160 differents models
Family 07 - Iron balusters grooved and (or) twisted for wrought iron staircases, fences and luminary out of wrought iron, more than 35 differents models
Family 08 - Punched bars ans holed bars reinflated out of forged steel hot, salisburghesi' bars, more than 280 differents models
Family 09 - Bars, balusters hot-forged ans sharpened for fences, iron gates, more than 1400 differents models
Family 10 - Hot-forged bars, ends simple, sharpened or with balls, more than 1000 differents models
Family 11 - Hammered bars and post of staircase and fences out of cast iron and steel, more than 200 differents model
Family 12 - Special profiles, collars, handrail profiles, elbows and starting sticks, more than 550 differents models
Family 13 - Hot-forged accessories, spears, trimmings ans studs out of steel ans brass, pommels..., more than de 850 differents models
Family 14 - Flowers and decoratives leaves, brass trimmings, brass spears, decoratives rosettes, more than 230 differents models,
Family 15 - Gates accessories, wheels, hinges, nails, handrail support, rivets, plates, more than 500 differents models,
Family 16 - Various elements of decorative out of wrought iron and (or) brass, curtain rods, handles, sticks of door, painting, more than 220 differents models
Catalogues - 4 catalogues, collection 1999, 2001, 2004 and the detailed model catalogues, including in the detail near 8000 differents articles.